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Fayetteville, AR 72701
United States


Reform Contracting is a construction company located in Northwest Arkansas. Reform Contracting has experience in new construction, renovations, and additions for both commercial and residential projects. Reform Contracting specializes in custom homes and custom projects.  

Wood Forclosure

In 2017 we purchased a dark, moldy, structurally compromised foreclosure and were able to fully rework the house to create a new open and airy home. We completely stripped the existing house of its deteriorating exterior and interior, rebuilding exterior walls were needed. We relocated the laundry room, allowing us to open up the kitchen, dining, and entry. By reorienting the kitchen, vaulting the ceilings, and installing new custom cabinets, we completely transformed the main public living areas of the house. We were able to refinish the white oak floors that were under the old carpet and install new matching floors running into the kitchen and living areas.  

Along with all the redesign and the cosmetic updates we also repaired much of the structural bones of the house. A section of the house had a completely compromised floor joist system that required a complete rebuild. The house had extensive water damage do to the deteriorated roof system and lack of soffit overhangs. We replaced the roof and added 18" soffit overhangs around the house. There was no insulation in the exterior walls and most of the windows had been damaged, so we replaced all the windows with a new more energy efficient window and insulated the entire envelope.