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Fayetteville, AR 72701
United States


Reform Contracting is a construction company located in Northwest Arkansas. Reform Contracting has experience in new construction, renovations, and additions for both commercial and residential projects. Reform Contracting specializes in custom homes and custom projects.  


General Contracting

We provide general contracting services for clients who have unbuilt projects. We have years of experience in the construction industry and through this experience have built systems and processes that combine efficiency and transparency to keep our clients involved and updated throughout the construction process. We oversee all aspects of the construction process, taking our clients from construction documents to a finished project. With each project bringing its own set of conditions and challenges, we meet our clients where they are at and cater our services specifically to their project. By using a cloud based construction management software that houses room selection items, realtime estimating, messaging center, project photos, and much more, we are able to simplify the client’s responsibility and provide transparency to our processes.



For our clients that are not already working with an architect or draftsman, we offer full design services. To put it simply, our goal is to design and build a house that delights you. As a design-build firm we are uniquely able to understand the myriad issues that go into the design of a home, and we feel confident that we can provide you with a home you can afford, and one that you will be proud to call your own. 

We hope to come alongside you to design a home or space that feels custom to your family and lifestyle. This starts by working hard to get to know you and your daily habits so that our design truly enhances your daily life. We have an architect on our team who will work to bring style and flow to your existing house or new home. By the end of our design process each of our clients are equipped with a set of construction documents that are ready for construction. On projects that require interior selection assistance or any sort of interior design consulting we partner with the owners of WITH Home Supply to offer professional interior design services to help with the overwhelming decision making that accompanies the design/construction process. Through premium design and construction management services we will take you from a concept to the fully realized design.

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Real Estate Representation

We have our real estate sales license and are able to represent buyers/sellers in real estate transactions. With established knowledge in construction, development, and architecture we hope to bring value to the real estate market by providing a designer/builder’s perspective in analyzing property. Having purchased and sold many homes/properties ourselves, we fully understand the stress associated with buying a property when you have only had the chance to walk it one or two times. We want to provide our clients with a layer of confidence in moving through the buying/selling process and help educate all parties about the home’s bones as well as the perceived and potential values. With a constant pulse on the construction costs we are able to educate people on potential costs associated with repairing, updating, or renovating a home and are eager to help people understand the true value of a property and the untapped potential value that can be added.

Our license is hung at Collier & Associates ( and we are thrilled to be a part of their team.